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Fix Homebrew's Python 2.7.12 --universal on MacOS Sierra

Early adopters of MacOS Sierra like myself are not able to use Homebrew to install Python 2.7.12 with the --universal flag. This has been reported on Issue 27806: 2.7 32-bit builds fail on macOS 10.12 Sierra due to dependency on deleted header file QuickTime/QuickTime.h.

To fix this, you have to patch Homebrew’s Python build:

brew edit python

Add the following lines to your python.rb file:

patch do
  url "https://bugs.python.org/file44699/issue27806_v3.patch"
  sha256 "fff60cbdb9ff344cd84ea776ea16e940147419c303ab378fb5c7fb3e9053ef0a"

The diff will look like this:

diff --git a/Formula/python.rb b/Formula/python.rb
index b02aef9..55a1a9a 100644
--- a/Formula/python.rb
+++ b/Formula/python.rb
@@ -68,6 +68,11 @@ class Python < Formula
     sha256 "c075353337f9ff3ccf8091693d278782fcdff62c113245d8de43c5c7acc57daf"

+  patch do
+    url "https://bugs.python.org/file44699/issue27806_v3.patch"
+    sha256 "fff60cbdb9ff344cd84ea776ea16e940147419c303ab378fb5c7fb3e9053ef0a"
+  end
   def lib_cellar

You should now be able to install python universally:

brew install python --universal